The National Children’s Museum is planning a pop-up experience to share Haiku with the visitors to the museum to coincide with the Cherry Blossom Festival. The pop-up will ask visitors to engage in a variety of ways, one of which will be creating haiga.

The museum is seeking submissions specifically rooted in either cherry blossoms and/or early Spring activities (especially those relating to children). Submitted haiku will be printed on sheets of watercolor paper and made available to visitors to select from for their haiga.

Submission guidelines:

    • Each poet is invited to submit up to three haiku. Submissions should be sent to Visitor Experience Manager Scott S. Turner via this submission form. The form will ask for some basic biographic information as well. 
    • The deadline for submissions is April 10th, 2023. Submission is open to all poets regardless of membership in any haiku association or group. 
    • Haiku should relate to cherry blossoms, kites, early Spring, or other cherry blossom adjacent kigo. Haiku should be family-friendly.
    • Haiku may be previously published or not. If they are previous publication record isn’t required. 
  • Poets will be informed if their piece is selected for inclusion in the pop-up experience, but a specific date of presentation will not be available due to the transitory nature of the pop-up experience.
  • No compensation is available for submissions, but there are no fees to submit.
  • Poets retain all rights to their work. The museum intends only to showcase their work during the celebration in the museum.

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