On Saturday, May 13th, 9 poets met via Zoom to share news, poems, and workshop together. The next meeting will be held in July.


Publications, Awards, and Announcements

Towpath member Julie Bloss Kelsey released her book titled Grasping the Fading Light: A Journey Through PTSD, winner of the 2021 Women’s International Haiku Contest from Sable Books. The final judge wrote, “The poems are strong and forceful and at the same time gentle and honest. The interleaving of haiku and tanka effectively help in the arc of its narrative.”

Bonsai Home, a collaborative haiku sequence by several Towpath members, won the White Enso award for Japanese-style poetry. The published work can be viewed here. Contributors included Roberta Beary, Elizabeth Black, Lee Giesecke, Ryland Shengzhi Li, Bill Sette, Matt Snyder, and Linda Weir.

For more about our group, find us on Twitter @towpathku.

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